Goodbye traditional healthcare, hello progress.

Sarana Health provides an integrated, personalized health and wellness program to help you reach your goals.

Our toolbox? Advanced testing and root cause analysis based on a Functional Medicine approach.

It's about health care, not sick care.

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Simply put, it's nothing less than a worldwide shift focusing on higher levels of coordinated and complimentary forms of care. Integrated Health is a response to the fragmented delivery of health services so prevalent in the traditional healthcare model.

At Sarana Health, we bring together the best of traditional and functional medicine. We'll provide you with an evidence-based look into the causes of your symptoms and take a solutions-based approach.

In many cases, your roadmap can be free of prescribed medications and will cause minimal interruptions to your normal daily activities.



Our Wellness Teams solve complex and multifaceted health issues and provide a customized plan for you and only you.

We'll analyze your nutrition, sleep, lifestyle, behaviors, and body chemistry and take a 360˚ view of the unique combination of factors that contribute to your optimal levels of health and wellness.

The primary objective is to help you reach your wellness goals, focusing on prevention, the how and why of illness, and your overall health.


What to expect

A simple 4-step process
Step 1

Intake and Discovery

The Wellness Team will meet with you one-on-one and perform a detailed 90-minute intake.

Your lead physician, health, and nutrition coaches will participate fully.

We'll develop an in-depth understanding of your health, lifestyle, and behaviors using a broad-based approach.

Step 2
advanced testing

Advanced Testing

Sarana Health's proprietary lab testing panels are based on existing and forward-thinking medical data, science, and research.

All testing is performed by top-level CLIA-certified labs in the United States.

Mobile and brick-and-mortar phlebotomy services are available. We'll come to you.

Step 3

Root Cause Analysis

The heart of the matter. We look at both your current results and health history. Our proprietary science-based approach looks at the cause of illness rather than the symptoms of illness.

Your Wellness Team will consider many factors, taking a holisitic look at your current status and creating the basis for your action plan.  

Step 4

Your Roadmap

Our Wellness Team coaches are always there for you. You will be in regular one-on-one contact with your Health and Nutrition Coaches, who are in regular contact with your Physician.

More than just a "check in to see how you are" session, this is the time to discuss progress, and address any needed changes.

Whole-Body Health

Choose the right program for your needs

We're here to help with your decision. Get in touch and we'll provide clarifications as needed to more fully explain the benefits of each program.

Terms and Conditions – Please Read!

1. Early Adopters Program requires client residency in Texas. National rollout coming soon!
2. Discounts for the Early Adopters Program are lifetime as long as you maintain a continuous plan with Sarana Health.
3. Both the Essentials and Premium programs require a one-time, non-refundable intake fee of $399.
4. All programs require a 6-month commitment. After the initial 6 months, plans convert to a month-to-month basis with no termination penalties.

Sarana Health vs. The Others

Traditional Healthcare

Other Provider #1

Other Provider #2

Other Provider #3

Monthly Program Fee
Highly variable
Comprehensive approach
Clearly defined costs
Advanced Lab Testing
Labs included in cost
Root Cause Analysis
Proactive Wellness Plan
Very Limited
Behavioral analysis and coaching
Dedicated Wellness Team
Health Coach
Nutrition Coach

Meet The Wellness team

Dr. Hanul Bhandari, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Hanul Bhandari, MD is board-certified in sleep medicine and neurology. Dr. Bhandari’s primary goal is to improve the quality of life for those suffering from chronic and debilitating conditions. He believes in treating the disease process with a comprehensive approach.

Keira Kroin, MS, CSNc

Nutrition Coach

Keira is a functional nutritionist and herbal medicine practitioner. Her approach revolves around assessing an individual holistically to determine potential root causes of disease. Keira emphasizes the integration between physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Keira Saucerman, MS, CSNc

Health Coach

Keira (aka K2) is a Health Coach at Sarana Health, leading clients through the journey to wellness. A former professional hockey player turned certified holistic health coach and integrative nutritionist passionate about making healthy living simple and fun for everyone. Her approach focuses on empowering individuals to take control of their health and well-being through motivational coaching, education, and behavioral change.

Lori Fish Bard, CNS, LDN

Nutrition Coach

Lori is a licensed clinical nutritionist who uses a holistic and functional approach to wellness. She is passionate about helping her clients understand how their lifestyle, biochemistry, genetics, and diet affect their overall health and longevity. She strives to empower clients to be the healthiest version of themselves.